Monday, December 19, 2011

Sturt National Park NSW

These photos are taken at Sturt National Park in the NW corner of NSW. The last time I visited this area it was dry.  It took me by surprise to find water here. And even more surprised to find water birds here. This was the first egret I saw on this journey, in a place that I expected to see little more than dry dirt.

This next image with emus wandering through the shallows are about where I camped on my last visit here 3 years ago.

 As the water dries out the mud surface shrinks and cracks and crunches under your feet as you walk on it.
 Galahs, a member  of the parrot family are found in most parts of Australia. Sometimes huge flocks of thees birds drink at the temporary water holes. They are social birds and fun to watch.


Julie G. said...

Chrissie, you are a most gifted photographer! Fabulous captures. Love the Emus and Galahs, birds we don't see out in the wild here in the US. The last image belongs in a magazine ... exceptional work!

chrissie said...

Thanks Julie, That is high praise coming from you. :)