Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cnidarians- Sea Anemones and Sea Jellies of Victoria

Coral, Sea anemones and Sea jellies, at first may not seem that similar but they are very closely related and collectively known as Cnidarians (the C is silent). Victoria's temperate waters do not have corals like there are in the tropics of Qld and WA. Occasionally a small piece of dead hard coral is washed onto the beach which is the remains of one of the few corals that can cope with cold water.
This is live coral from waters off Victoria.

Tailed Sea-jelly, Vic.

Brown Blubber jelly, Vic.

Upside down sea jelly, Vic.


The circular areas on the top are the reproductive organs(gonads) of the jelly.

Swan Bay, Queenscliff, Vic

Upside down sea jelly, Vic.

Comb jelly

Lions' mane Jelly (above and below) Vic.

This may look like little bits of shell grit but it is actually a sea anemone that uses these bits for protection and camouflage. Taken at low tide when it is exposed to air for some time untill the tide comes back in.

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