Friday, October 18, 2013

Australian Insects

These are  Australian insects, taken in various places. I will label them as I identify them.

blue butterfly


Shield bug nymph, NT.

Underside of a "bug" (refers to insects of a particular order) The bugs - Heteroptera, all have piercing mouth parts, which they use to pierce plants or animals...depending on their species to suck liquid nutrient from.

This is a water strider (bug), the males make vibrations in patterns on the water to send out territorial signals to other members of their species. They live much of their life on the surface of water.

Bull ant, Anglesea , around an inch long and aggressive, they bite and sting and is best avoided.

Meadow Argus Butterfly, Anglesea.

blue butterfly. SA.

Caper white butterflies mating...There are also the pupae of other butterflies visible on the right. They mate soon after they emerge.

Carabid beetle,, NSW. These beetles are predators of other invertebrates.

Checkered Swallow tail.

Clerid beetle on Victorian Smokebush, Vic.

day flying moth, Anglesea.

Goliath Stick insect, WA.

small fly on daisy, Anglesea.
Fishing spider, Fraser Island.Qld.

Goliath Stickinsect

green scarab beetle, Anglesea.

grasshopper, nothern Qld.

Grasshopper, Port Dougals, Qld.

Jewel Beetle on Flat leaf pea, Anglesea.

Green tree ants, Cape Tribulation. Qld

Goliath Stick insect, WA.

Cotton harlequin Bug, Qld.

Hover Flies, Anglesea.

Jewel beetle, Anglesea,

jumping spider, Qld.

jumping spider, Anglesea.

Jezzabel butterfly, Qld.

Jumping spider, Port Douglas, Qld.

beetle on smokebush, Anglesea.

lacewing eggs...Anglesea.

beetle on smokebush, Anglesea.

This native bee has fallen prey to the spider that was sitting waiting....the green colour is the spider.

Clerid beetle, Smokebush Anglesea.

native bee, Anglesea.

native bee, Anglesea.

blue butterfly, Anglesea.

this is a skipjack ant, they jump and bite and sting too I think. It really hurts.

Barwon Heads, Green Soldier beetles mating.

Mouse spider, SA.

Golden orb-weaver

spiny stick insect, Qld. maybe a female? because it has a thick it could lay eggs.

type of Nematode worm,,? Anglesea.

Skipper butterfly.