Friday, June 7, 2013

Jurong Bird Park, Singapore.

My posts usually feature Australian wildlife but recently i went on a trip over seas and visited the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore so I thought i would share the images here. Although some of the birds in the park are Asian, many of them are native to Africa and the Americas. They have a number of species of flamingos, storks and cranes, birds of prey,  as well as quite a few large parrots. If you would like to see my other blog which is my trave photos to this part of the world, including,Thailand Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.

 Macaw, these birds are native to Mexico, Central and South America.


Love Birds

 The park put on a falconry display complete with horses and costumes based on historical accounts. Falconry began in Asia, There are historical accounts of the Chinese people practicing this sport as early as 700BC

 Turkey Vulture

White-beaked vulture, another African bird.

 Snowy Owl

 Horned Owl.

 Flamingos, there are three species at the park, from africa and america.

 Flamingos are filter feeders, they live on brine shrimp and blue-green algae. They get their pink colouration from what they eat.

 These cranes are from Africa too. Crowned Cranes.

White Stork.

Painted Stork.

 Marabou Stork. Africa, south of the Sahara.

 saddle-billed stork, from Africa.

 This is a shoe-bill also form Africa

 These are two differnt species of pelicans. The park has about 7 different species from various parts of the world.

 Superb Starlings, threse are a native of Singapore
 Mute Swan.

 This is a cassowary, from the rainforests of Queensland Australia, and New guinea.
 These penguins are captive bred, and are native to Africa. Black-footed penguin.

 Singapore Orchids

Green Crested Turaco

 Black-crowned Night Heron

Mandarin Duck.