Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rain forest and reef - Qld

These photos are taken in Queensland, in the rain forest that runs along the coast and a few shots of the coast, which is part of the great barrier reef.

Daintree Rain forest

This beautiful coloured bird is a Cassowary. Thes birds are capable of killing a person, they are endangered,, there are not a lot of them left.

not sure what type of frog this is but it is taken in the Daintree.

Orange-footed Scrub Fowl. these guys make mounds out of leaves and sand to nest in.  Daintree.

This is one of the sepcies of freshwater wish found in the waterways of the rain forest. I think it is called a jungle perch.

Green tree frog, Qld. They range in colour,,some are that really bright green but others like this one are almost a brown colour.

Fungus... Daintree, love the way this round ball had loads of little mushroom shaped others growing off it.

 I dont know what this tree is called, but all the flowers sprouted straight out of the trunk,
Daintree NP.

Dragon fly, Lakefield NP. QLd.

Dew covered butterfly from the Lycaenidae  family Port Douglas, QLd.

Orchard Swallowtail, Daintree, Qld

portrait of an egret. I think this is a cattle egret. Port Douglas, Qld

 This pretty dragonfly is a Graphic flutterer dragonfly. Lakefield NP. QLd

Rainforest flower. Daintreee.

I love this pic of a water lilly because you can see how tiny our native bees are. the large bee is a honey bee, which are of course everywhere, but they are not native to Australia.

This is one of the island on the Great Barrier Reef, This is Lowe Isle.

Underwater scene off Lowe Isles. These corals are Gorgonia fans,, they are actually red when you shine a torch on them. At depth the red light is filtered out by the blue.

Moorish Idol.

This is a soft coral, not all corals have calcified skeletons.