Sunday, February 3, 2013

Australian birds 2

This is the first blog entry I have made for ages. I have had issues trying to access my page for months. I changed from IE to Google Chrome and the problems seemed to have disappeared, so here are some of my Aussie Bird photos taken over the past few years in different parts of the country. 

 Magpie Goose, NT.
 Red-browed Finches. Vic

 Black shouldered kites, Vic
 Avocets, Broome,WA.

 Pale-headed Rosella, Qld

 Apostle Bird, Qld


 Barn Owl,WA
 Barn Owl.WA

 Brown Booby bird, Heron Island QLd.

 Satin Bower bird, female. Vic
 Brahminy Kite
 Great Bower Bird, Broome, WA.
 Brolga, NT
Fairy Tern?  Fraser Is, Qld.

 Grey Butcher Bird, Qld.

 Buff-Banded Rail, Qld
 Grey Buthcher Bird, Qld - attempting to catch a Leaf Insect. It didn't succeed.....

 Channel-billed cuckoo, Qld. These birds migrate to the aussie tropics in the summer months to breed. They come from New Guinea and Indonesia.

 White-fronted Chat. Breamlea, Vic

Pied  Cormorant
 Pied Cormorant

 Superb Fairy-wren, Vic.

 Eastern Reef Egret, Heron Island.Qld.

 Eastern yellow Robin.,NSW.
 Lesser Frigate Bird, Heron Island QLd,

 Australasian Gannets. Port Phillip Bay, Vic.

Great Egret, NSW.

  Brown Booby Bird, Heron Island Qld.

Greater Sand Plovers. Heron Island, Qld.

Grey-tailed Tattlers, Heron Island. Qld..

Gull-billed Tern. Qld.

 Australian Hobby (small falcon), Alice Springs. NT.

 Intermediate Egret, Qld.

 Spur-winged Lapwing
 Pacific Golden Plover, Heron Island. Qld.

 Laughing Kookaburra, NSW.

 Little Egret, NSW.

 Little Black Cormorants

 Little Penguin, Vic. This one was resting in calm waters after a storm.

Long-billed Corella, Vic.

Musk Lorikeet, Anglesea, Vic.

Nankeen Night Heron, Vic.

Osprey, WA.

Pied Curruwong. NSW.

Black Noddies, Heron Island, Qld.

Pied Oystercatchers, Broome, WA.

Eastern Reef Egret, Heron Is. Qld.

Eastern Reef Egret, Heron Is, Qld.

Ruddy Turnstone, Qld.

Sacred Kingfisher, Anglesea, Vic.

Eastern Spinebill, Vic.

Southern Boobook owl.