Friday, May 29, 2009

These are red kangaroos but they are the females and they are "blue" rather than red colour that you can see in the previous photo.
These are male red kangaroos, common in outback Australia as they cope well with hot dry conditions.
This is another shot of emus. When they run together in a flock like this they dont look as though they are moving very quickly but they cover large distances with each stride and kick the sand up. It is as exciting as a horse race -the ground thunders as they all race by.
Australia has many different parrots and cockatoos. This is a blue bonnet taken at Sturt NP.
Emus are birds of the plains and are a fairly common sight from BrokenHill to Sturt NP. These ones showed no fear of me and approached me while I took photos of them. Emus are very primitive birds and this is reflected in their feathers which are a more for insulating them from the weather rather than anything to be used for flying. The feather barbs dont lock together like those on birds that can fly. If eagles had emu feathers they would never get off the ground.
My most recent trip was to outback Oz. We travelled to Sturt National Park in the north-west corner of NSW and then to South Australia via the Barrier Hwy to travel through the Flinders Ranges
Seadragons are relatives of the seahorses. Their colours are really vibrant and no photo does them justice. They live in the waters off the southern coast of Australia. This is a weedy seadragon and just as the name suggests they live amongst seaweed.
Not only does the area have a diverse range of vegetation, it also has many interesting and beautiful invertebrates like this meadowargus butterfly.
This is a fringe lilly.
This is another of my favourite orchids, rabbitears. You can see why it is called this if you look at the shadow- it looks just like a rabbit.
Over a hundred species of orchids grow in the Anglesea heathlands. They are small and can be hard to find. Sun orchids are one of my favourites and the flowers open on sunny days in spring. This is a dotted sun orchid.
This is common heath, Victoria's floral emblem. It can be found easily in the bushland around Anglesea
Anglesea is known for its wildflowers. There are hundreds of different species of indigenous plants. Some flower best after bushfires like these grasstrees.
This Anglesea beach, low tide at dawn. It is the closest beach to where I live.
Hi, Welcome to my blog. I am creating this page to display my photos. My passion is natural history and my subject matter reflects that interest. I live in Victoria, Australia on the coast near the Great Ocean Road. Many of the photos will be from this area but also from many other parts of Australia that I have travelled to.