Friday, November 18, 2011

Its been a while since I posted to my blog. I have been away for a few months exploring some of the wetlands that feed water into the Lake Eyre water basin. After the few good rain seasons we have had in eastern Australia, Lake Eyre has had water in it and many of the water ways that have been dry in my past trips were flowing. Inland Australia was more "alive" than I have ever seen before. There was abundant wildlife and a lot of greenery.

Basically I travelled north though outback NSW and into Qld, visiting parks such as Lawn Hill NP and Diamantina NP and then up to the Savannah Way and followed it west to Darwin, NT and then came back down through the centre of oz down to The Coorong in SA and Bool Lagoon. Many of the wetland areas I visited are listed as RAMSAR wetlands. (protected areas for waterbirds, especially the ones that migrate to other parts of the world, many countries participate).

Many of the areas I visited are very isolated and long drives on gravel tracks are necessay to get there. Sometimes we didnt see another person or car for days.