Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Some common Australian Grass Finches (Long-tailed)

Finches are a group of small seed eating birds and although they come in a lot of different colours they are all have a similar shaped conical bill to deal with the nuts and seeds that they feed on. In general seeing finches usually means that there is some water nearby. This is a pair of Crimson Finches, the female is the brown one in front. Darwin, NT.
The Zebra finch is Australia's most widespread of all our finches, being found in all states except Tasmania. (Tasmania has no native finches at all- only the introduced sparrow, greenfinch and goldfinch - which are True finches as apposed to Grass finches.)

Star Finch, Darwin, NT. These finches are found mainly in tropical Australia. This is the male, the female is brown.

Painted finch, (Firetail). Alice Springs, NT. These finches are found in the more arid parts of Australia where it is desert like. This is a male, the females don't have a red face.

Double-barred finches, Broome, WA. The male and female of this species are very similar.

Red-browed Finch (Firetail). Male and female are similar but the juveniles have a black beak and no red brow. These finches are found around the coast from SA, through Vic, NSW and all the way to the top of the Cape York Peninsula in Qld.

Red-browed finches, Womboyn Lake, NSW.

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